Neoliberalism, Platform Capitalism, and the Commodification of the Library Patron, Learning at the Library
This essay was submitted to the Library Juice Press Annual Paper Contest, and was written in response to recent research concerning library platform and vendor related products and services.

Reverberations in Time: A Story After Fred Sandback, Mana Contemporary This short experimental fiction piece approaches a single vignette from multiple perspectives, and responds to the artist’s formal resourcefulness and his fascination with the ways in which our perceptions are altered by the action of imagination and the flow of time.

Teacher Lab: Introduction to a Digital Archive Part of the Brooklyn Public Library’s award-winning Teacher Lab, Introduction to a Digital Archive provides K-12 educators with the basics for integrating digital collections into their curriculum. This online program is available to any learner in the world, but also provides NYS CTLE and NYC P-credits for area teachers. Nearly 2,000 students from over 20 states and Canada have enrolled.